ASB Writers Club

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Purpose: To provide a platform for an individual to express through different forms of writing. As a group meets regularly to learn from each other the finer nuances of writing prose and poetry. To support the writing of different genres in many languages. We invite experts and literacy coaches to guide us through our literary journey.

Goal: Our Writers Club's goal is to invite individuals from our student, parent, and staff community to contribute writing pieces towards a compilation of stories, poems, and letters.

All ASB parents are invited to join the writers club. Please email ASB Writing Club for more details.

A glimpse into the writing and poems from the Writers Club. Click on the covers of the book to read online.

ASB Musings Issue 10 Summer 2023.pdf

ASB Musings Summer Issue -10 

ASB MUSINGS 2023 Dec.pdf

ASB Musings Winter Issue 11

ASB Musings Winter Issue 7                            ASB Musings Summer Issue 8                  ASB Musings Winter Issue 9

ASB Musing Winter 2021 Issue 7.pdf
ASB Musings Summer 2022.pdf
ASB Musings Winter 2022..pdf

Touched by Lockdown  Aug 2020 (Covid-19 Issue)

ASB Musings -Summer Issue 6.pdf

ASB community narrates their stories - Mumbai Mirror -

The American School of Bombay launched their book “Memories From the Road”, an anthology of global nomads.

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